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We rent out kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, as well as other fun water amenities.


We will deliver all craft, ensuring that you never have to do anything other than meet us at a pre-determined location of your choosing.


When the excursion is over, we will pick up your boat, allowing you to go about the rest of your day hassle free! 

Our founder, Jason Fisher, has spent his whole life on the water. He started out in the mountains of Montana, learning to tame the lakes and rivers, eventually moving to the ocean to conquer the sea.


With over 40 years of aquatic experience, he is certainly the man to trust to safely get you in a boat and paddling!  

Call (775)-437-3532 for the best, most convenient, Recreational Equipment Rental at the Beautiful Oregon Coast.

 "I really do have a passion to be on the water and to share my enthusiasm for these great places." Jason Fisher-Owner/Founder.
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